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Harrys Hollow Camping in Saint Charles ID

Harrys Hollow Camping in Saint Charles ID . This unbelievable facility has beautiful scenery and wildlife. Sit under the stars at night, to only awake to an amazing sunrise. Experience what nature has to offer.. You will be amazed! Idaho is majestic with its beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers and wildlife. If you haven’t been to Harrys Hollow, you won’t be disappointed!

But before you go, make sure you call 208.847.0375/208.557.5760 to see how many campsites are available.

Campsites are typically seasonal, Harrys Hollow is open () so check before you go.

Location: Google Maps Directions for Harrys Hollow Saint Charles ID

Camping Idaho: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Tent and RV Campgrounds (A Falcon Guide Camping)

Looking for the ideal spot to pitch your tent or park your RV? Camping Idaho will take you there, especially if you decide on camping at Harrys Hollow.

This complete guidebook gives detailed descriptions of more than 300 public campgrounds throughout Idaho’s vast scenery.

These are campsites managed by national, state, city, and county parks; the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management; and the Idaho Power Company.

They’re in the remote wilderness areas and near cities, in deserts and on mountaintops, along roaring streams and by popular fishing and boating lakes.

Easy-to-use maps and charts will help you choose the perfect site for your next camping trip, whether you’re going alone, with your family, or as part of a group. You’ll also find vital information for Harrys Hollow or any other campground elevations, facilities and hookups, fees and reservations, recreational activities, and zero-impact camping.

Whether you want to fish, hunt, or just get away from it all, let this book be your Idaho Camping guide. See inside now.

How is your campsite checklist?

Don’t let your camping trip get ruined by not having the right supplies.

Here is a simple camping checklist I recommend you use.

  1. Tent; big enough for your camping gear, loved ones, and dog.
  2. Sleeping Bags designed for camping in various climates, especially at Harrys Hollow campsite. We all know that the campsites in Idaho the weather can change on short notice.
  3. Camping Pads to add some extra cushion under your sleeping bag so you don’t wake up with a stiff neck and back.
  4. Ready-to-eat snacks with tons of carbs
  5. Weather-appropriate clothing for Saint Charles ID climate; all-weather boots, lightweight rain jackets, sweatshirts, sandals, camping socks, etc
  6. Hygiene, toothbrush, soap, medical essentials; burn cream, bandages, ankle wraps
  7. Fishing Poles, if you are going to catch fish whether is a fishing pole for beginners or advanced fisherman, just make sure you use that is right for you.
  8. Fishing Reels; I highly recommend put some oil on those rusty fishing reels. If need be, you should probably look into buying a new reel.
  9. Fishing Lures for catching fish in shallow and semi-deep waters. Make sure you do your research before you go. Do you want to know a little fishing secret? Use red lures and red hooks if you want to catch a bunch of fish. SShhh…don’t tell your buddy….
  10. Fishing Line; Keep in mind, nearly all fishing line gets frail and weak as it ages. Change your fishing line before you lose your trophy catch at Harrys Hollow!
  11. Mosquito Repellent for those pesky bugs that never seem to go away.
  12. I highly recommend you bring a Fishing Lantern with extra batteries if you plan to fish at night. Certain fish are attracted to lights.
  13. Water Bottles for hiking and recreation so you can stay hydrated.

5 Recommended Camping Games for the Family

  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Bingo Boards
  • Bocce Ball
  • Obstacle Course
  • 20 Questions

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