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Sunfish Pond County Park Camping in Leroy PA

Sunfish Pond County Park camping in Leroy PA is waiting for you to create awesome memories with your family and loved ones. Take a break from your busy day-to-day life and unwind in the wilderness at Sunfish Pond County Park with mother nature. Who knows, maybe you will actually enjoy the peace and quiet?

You can reach the campgrounds by calling 570.364.5900 to see how many campsites are available before you head there. Campsites are typically seasonal, Sunfish Pond County Park is open (), so make sure you get a hold of the campsite office before you head over.

Location: Google Directions for Sunfish Pond County Park in Leroy PA

Camping Checklist

Don’t let your camping trip get ruined by not having the right supplies.

Here is a simple camping checklist for those campers who like to take the bare essentials:

  1. I recommend a decent tent that is large enough to fit your entire family and camping supplies.
  2. Well, this is a no-brainer, stay warm and cozy with a quality sleeping bag designed for camping
  3. Using camping pads so you can sleep on something relatively soft, otherwise, your back may be stiff in the morning.
  4. Food, plenty of food to last several days. I recommend ready-to-eat snacks with a decent amount of carbs and protein.
  5. Weather-appropriate clothing for Leroy PA; all-weather boots and maybe an extra pair in case your primary pair gets wet, a lightweight rain jacket, a a couple of sweatshirts, shower sandals, and cozy camping socks.
  6. Hygiene, Tooth Brush, Soap & Medical Essentials; burn cream, bandages, ankle wraps
  7. Fishing Poles if you are going to catch fish for lunch and dinner.
  8. Fishing Reels; I highly recommend that you check your old reels on your fishing pole if you have one because some reels get rusty.
  9. Fishing Lures for all types of fish; Brown Trout, Bass, Pike, Catfish
  10. Fishing Line; Make sure you get a couple different line that varies in strength. Also, nearly all fishing line gets frail and weak as it ages. You should change out your fishing line before you try to catch a fish.
  11. Mosquito Repellent for those pesky bugs that never seem to go away.
  12. Flashlight to see in the dark. I have been camping many times and it gets really dark when no street lights are around.
  13. Water Bottles for hiking and recreation so you can stay hydrated.

Check out my article on Bass Fishing Tips. If you are interested in finding hot fishing spots, check out where these fish are located around the country; Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass & River Salmon. Check out New York Campsites, they are right next door.


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